Using memes to engage your community

A meme is a concept that spreads via the Internet. It can be a simple idea or a complex one. A meme can be an image, video, or a hashtag. For example Hitler-based parody video memes are viral on social networks, and the image-based ‘what people think i do, what I really do’ is another hit. The latest Gangam style is also a meme. Other lighter memes, for example are #youknowyouareinIndia, #thingsthatannoyme, etc.

The important thing in a meme is that it has the potential to become viral. At enterprises, we can use meme to engage communities for learning, inviting ideas, feedback or just for fun.

For example, if you are the business unit Head, you can coin a meme to know what your team expects from you – #hitechexpectations2013, #assurancewhatnext2013, etc

Creativity is the key here. Used effectively with the right audience, memes can do wonders for you. So, go ahead and throw out some memes to your communities and make learning fun.

This is an example of a lighter and the most viral image-based meme on social networks. There are even templates available for this.


Suggest some memes that can be used across the organization for different purposes.

For more information on memes:


Image source: http://knowyourmeme…


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