How sentiment analysis can help in branding and reputation management?

Migros, Switzerland’s largest retailer, used customer sentiment analysis to avoid some embarrassing situations, learned from customer conversations and  realized not just customer service but all departments in an organization need to be customer centric.

There are several interesting information in this article. One such is this on false positives “A sentiment analysis tool might judge a consumer’s comment about a product to be negative because his post included the word “crap.” However, the software might have missed the context: “Holy crap! This product is amazing!” “There are a lot of false positives.”

Sentiment Analysis one of the areas of my interest. Would love to hear from other you about other interesting stories on sentiment analysis that you have come across, or who are the leaders in this market, how companies are using them, how we can use, any use cases?

Read more about the Migros incident here


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